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Economy Locker Storage Company
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History of Economy Locker Storage Co., Inc. and Country Store Brand Meats

In 1829, Mr. Neece bought four town lots in the village of Wolf Run, later called Hicksville, then Pennsville and finally Pennsdale. Mr. Neece built a store, house and stocking mill by 1839.

John Springman bought the property previously owned by the Neece's in 1905. Thomas L. Springman grew up at the store and after World War II in 1946, came home to work at the store, which he bought from his father John in1956.

Harry Worthington bought the present site of Economy Locker Storage Co.'s wholesale plant in 1921 and started to butcher veal calves and chickens. Warren Worthington grew up helping his father and after World War II went into business with his father in 1946. He built the old slaughter house and started to butcher hogs. Warren also had a retail meat stand in the Grower's Market in nearby Williamsport.

J. B. Krause, Jr. grew up in Muncy Valley where his father was a butcher. After World War II, he started his own butcher business in Muncy Valley. He had a retail store and delivery route in Sullivan County for several years. He then graded meat for the federal government for three years and finally came to work for Warren Worthington.

In 1953, Warren started selling meat to Tom Springman at his store. In 1957, a freezer and locker plant in the Grower's Market was for sale. Warren, Tom and Bernard (J. B.) pooled their resources bought the freezer and locker plant and incorporated as Economy Locker Storage Company.

Bernard ran the locker plant, Warren ran the slaughter house and retail stand in the Grower's Market and Tom ran the store in Pennsdale which later came to be known as The Country Store.

In 1969 the present wholesale facility was built and opened for business in 1970.
In 1974, a new addition was added to the wholesale plant.

Country Store Brand Meats was then adopted as the brand name for all products produced by Economy Locker Locker Storage Co., Inc. The picture of the Country Store was added to the brand name. The logo has changed over the years until what people are familiar with today, which you see as the header of our website. All products you see today with our name on it continue to be produced at the wholesale plant, just as they have been for over 50 years.


Economy Locker Storage Company
Economy Locker Storage Company